Life of Jesus – Day Two

Wise Men
Please Read: Matthew 2:1-12

The Magi were truly wise men. They came from afar to see the Christ child. They saw His star and they followed it! They traveled from a faraway place seeking the Savior. The wise men came with expensive gifts to give the King Jesus but the most precious gift they could give was their worship.  They came seeking to worship and praise. We could learn a lot from these wise men. Their story is short but one we need to remember. Just as the wise men traveled from afar to seek Jesus, so we must seek him every day.
As for King Herod, he was not very wise. He felt threatened by the birth of Christ. He was afraid that people would turn their attention and allegiance to someone other than him. His heart was not open to the good news of Christ’s birth and he lied to the wise men so that they would quickly find Jesus, report back to him where Jesus was so that he could make sure the baby king didn’t get the chance to grow up and become the ruler He was prophesied to be.

King Herod was jealous and unwise, he only thought of himself and how he might be affected by the birth of Jesus.
The Wise men were truly wise; they sought the Savior and offered Him gifts, praise, and worship. We should be like the wise men and have hearts that are eagerly seeking the Lord and always ready to worship Him.

* Scriptures that describe Jesus as “light”:

Numbers 24:17
Isaiah 9:2
Isaiah 60:1-2
Matthew 4:16
John 1:1-9
John 8:12
2 Peter 1:19
Revelations 2:28
Revelations 22:16


Psalms 2:6-10, Micah 5:2-5, Zechariah 9:9


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