Life of Jesus – Day Three

Out of Egypt
Please Read: Matthew 2:13-23

Joseph was obedient to God. His obedience even led to the fulfillment of a prophecy (Hosea 11:1). Once, many hundreds of years before the events of Jesus’ boyhood took place, God called Moses to lead His children out of Egypt but before Moses finally could, an equally horrifying scene took place there as the one that is happening in verses 16-18 (Exodus 11). Now God was calling Joseph to take His Son and flee to Egypt to be kept safe from King Herod’s orders. Once again an angel appeared in a dream to Joseph and Joseph obeyed God as He calls him out of Egypt with Mary and Jesus. Joseph, Mary, and Jesus settle into a town called Nazareth in the district of Galilee. Once again Joseph obeys and thus fulfills the prophecy: “He will be called a Nazarene.” (v.23)

Obedience is important to God. Faith and trust are equally important for without them it is very hard to be obedient.

**Extra Reading**
For inspiration and encouragement in faith, trust, and obedience you may want to read Hebrews 11.



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